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Is It a Healthy Choice To Have Canned Food?


By Team Muscletrail
29 October, 2022

Hello friends, let us introduce a little bit about canned food, the food items which are treated in such a way that they can be canned and readily available to people in any season or any geographical location of the world. The canned foods have a shelf life of up to 5 years or more than that. There are many kinds of food items available in a canned form such as vegetables, fruits, seafood, meats, beans and soups.

Speculation Regarding Canned Foods

There is a lot of speculation regarding canned foods like its bad for health and so on.
But the fact is that canning process preserves all the nutrients like all fat soluble vitamins and minerals – A, K, D and K, protein, carbs and fat.


Though the water-soluble vitamins such as vitamin c and vitamin B can be lost during canning.
There are few exceptions like tomatoes and corns which release more nutrients during canning and better to consume due to their antioxidant properties which has increased during canning process.
The certain disadvantages of canned foods are that they may contain traces of BPA chemical which is used during packing and that is responsible for type 2 diabetes and heart diseases. If canned food is not treated properly during canning, they may contain deadly bacteria called Clostridium Botulinum, but the chances are negligible.
Salt and sugar are added in canned food and excess of these will be harmful to the health so first, read the label before having canned food. Salt conscious people should take items with less sodium or no sodium labels. Similarly, sugar conscious people should have fruits canned either in water or juice instead of syrup.
Lastly, we recommend people to have food items fresh, but if a food item is not available fresh then for sure, you can have canned food item.


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