Coffee Before Workout: Is It A Good Idea?

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Coffee Before Workout: Is It A Good Idea?


By Team Muscletrail
24 March, 2023

If you have been working out for quite some time now, then you must be facing the same thing as a lot of other gym goers, which is not having that added boost of energy before beginning your workout. That’s why people hop on to pre-workout supplements in order to get that extra boost to carry out their workout sessions. 

There are some people who prefer drinking coffee before their workout, as we all are aware of the fact that coffee is naturally rich in caffeine, which is well-known as a compound that is helpful in providing an instant kick. However, there are still questions regarding the fact whether having coffee before a workout is a good idea or not.

Well, even though coffee can be considered to enhance physical performance while improving brain function, drinking coffee as a pre-workout before intense training sessions is certainly not for everyone. 

The major reason behind this is the fact that caffeine has different effects on people, and different here means the possibility of negative side effects, too, such as anxiety, upset stomach, and insomnia. Hence, this implies that coffee is certainly not one of the best pre workout supplements that you can incorporate into your diet. 

So, we will have the final verdict towards the end of this blog, but let’s start with the benefits of coffee before workout, followed by the negative effects of coffee, and the conclusion. 

Benefits of Consuming Coffee as a Pre-Workout 

Affects the Cell Functioning of the Brain

Caffeine in coffee has the potential to stimulate brain cells along with the central nervous system, which results in the overall improvement in the concentration and energy while delaying the onset of tiredness. A lot of people who drink coffee do so in order to feel more awake or alert. Well, an improvement in cognitive function might also mean an improvement in physical performance during your workout sessions. 

Enhanced Physical Performance

There have been numerous research studies that show that the caffeine content in coffee can bring enhancements to the physical performance of an individual. The effects of caffeine are dependent on several factors, such as the duration of the workout. In addition to this, there have been studies that suggest caffeine leads to an improvement in muscle strength and enhances overall muscular power. 

Potential Increase in Fat Oxidation 

Several studies suggest that consuming caffeine prior to working out can be associated with an increase in fat oxidation. However, it is still not proven. As per some studies, although caffeine could carry the potential to increase fat oxidation, it is not essentially associated with the athletic performance of a person. 


Drawbacks of Consuming Coffee as a Pre-Workout 

Stomach Upset

When we workout, it is the natural tendency of our body to push blood to the active muscle groups to carry out the workout and direct the blood away from the digestive system, which slows down the overall process of digestion. This can lead to certain digestive issues and problems. 

Increased Heart Rate

Different bodies react differently to caffeine, and as a result of this, some people can experience significant sensitivity associated with caffeine, such as an increased heart rate. There are other side effects of coffee consumption as well, and they are jitters and anxiousness. 

Sleep Difficulties or Insomnia

This can be considered the most significant drawback of consuming caffeine as it may lead to sleep deprivation, hampering your overall athletic performance. 


No supplement is good for you if it comes with several other negative side effects that are not genuinely worth it. We would suggest that it is best to consider not consuming coffee as a pre-workout as it is a beverage that can be great otherways. 

You can consider purchasing a pre-workout instead, as it comes with certain ingredients that activate your muscle cells apart from the caffeine in order to elevate your overall muscle performance in the gym. 

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