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The authentication factor: An effort to put your mind at ease

Getting the product on time is secondary, receiving the genuine and authentic product is the primary thing we prioritize. To facilitate this, we have incorporated an authentication factor that will ensure that you have received a genuine product. To know whether the supplement you ordered from a third-party website or purchased from a local dealer, you can enter the code located on your supplement jar and the authentication factor will show whether you have received an original product or not.


1.11 Cr Boxes Bought Till Now

Millions of satisfied fitness enthusiasts advocate for the authenticity and efficacy of Muscle Trail’s range of health supplements.


leading the path

Muscle Trail is spearheading the supplement industry with the incorporation of authenticity and reliability into the industry.


only authentic supplements

Our Authentication Factor will assure the authenticity of the product you ordered and received so that you are not exposed to ineffective or harmful products.


easy & secure payments

We have an easy-to-use functionality for payments backed by the measures that ensure secure facilitation of payments.


here are Few Ways to Check authenticity of your Product