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Muscle Trail

Shipping Policy

Muscle Trail or a logistics partner acting on behalf of each Seller will deliver any Products ordered from the Website to the User using regular courier services. While the Website will make every effort to deliver the Products on the dates specified, the Website disclaims any claims or liabilities resulting from any delays in this respect. All deliveries, if applicable, shall be made on a best-efforts basis. All cash-on-delivery ("COD") orders may be subject to a small fee from the Seller. The COD charge is visible at the time of order placement and in all emails related to orders. If an item is returned or a cancellation request is made after the order has been dispatched, this charge will not be reimbursed.

  • Muscle Trail won't be held liable for any delays in the products' delivery. Muscle Trail is not responsible for any product damage during transit that results from improper handling by the logistics partner.

  • The Muscle Trail-supported logistics partner will try to deliver your item a maximum of three times. The relevant Seller reserves the right to cancel the order(s) at its discretion if the User cannot be reached or refuses delivery of the products during these attempts.

  • Upon receipt of payment confirmation, all purchases ordered from Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) will have an expected delivery date of 5-7 working days. This might change depending on factors including online security checks, shipment constraints, payment authorization, and order packing and shipping. All orders will receive an email confirmation once they are received.

  • The duration of all foreign deliveries depends on our logistics partners and their subsidiaries. However, you may relax knowing that your order is traveling safely. In order to clear customs for any overseas orders, you will be responsible for paying any applicable import taxes, fees, and levies.

  • The order summary page must include an expected delivery date. You will receive an email with a summary of your order and the anticipated delivery date to your address as soon as you place your order.

  • Occasionally, the delivery may take longer because among other things:

  • Terrible weather, delayed flights, political difficulties, and other unanticipated events

  • The Website may, in its sole discretion, notify the User who may have purchased the relevant Product of any anticipated delay in delivery.

  • In the event that the Products are not delivered as promised or are delivered late, the Website will not be held liable for any resulting loss or damage to the Products.

  • The User may occasionally be informed if there is a chance that the delivery of the Products will be delayed. However, the User cannot request a refund for any delay in receiving the Products that was brought on by events outside the Website's and/or the Seller's control.

  • However, if the ordered Products have been damaged, the Seller will replace the Products in accordance with the Seller's replacement policy, which may be stated on the Website along with the Product.

  • The Products shall not be delivered outside the Indian territorial limits.

  • Muscle Trail may supply all of the Products that the User purchases in one transaction together. This, however, might not always be possible and is dependent on supply levels.

  • Users must purchase the Products under separate transactions and provide separate delivery addresses for each transaction, as may be necessary if they want to have deliveries made to different addresses. The User acknowledges that delivery may be made to a person who is in attendance at the shipping address the User has provided.

  • Muscle Trail will not make up for any mental suffering brought on by a birth delay. Even if the delivery time is longer than anticipated, Users have the option to cancel their order at any time. When an order is successfully canceled, the User will receive a refund for the product's price if it was paid in advance, in their account or payment wallet, depending on the options they selected.