Enjoying A Cheat Day On A Holi's Day Date

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Enjoying A Cheat Day On A Holi's Day Date


By Team Muscletrail
03 March, 2023

We all are aware of the fact that following a diet is a must as it helps us in making us more shredded and toned. However, as Holi is around the corner, it is well-known to be a festival where dozens of snacks and sweets will accompany you wherever you go. Sometimes it's a day or a week, maybe when it feels okay to get involved in all that food and then regret it later on. 

With Holi comes a bind of gaining exposure to dozens of snacks and sweets that will surely make our summer diet go off track. However, you must note that the traditional Holi dishes that are prepared in our homes are rich and heavy, and people who are watching over their weight must consider these dishes a disaster for their diet regime. 

But you won't be able to help it as it is Holi, and you will be surrounded by food all around you. So how can you successfully navigate through this delicious food festival without feeling guilty about stuffing all the Holi delicacies? Well, the answer must have come to your mind already: to balance your diet. 

It goes without saying that you surely won't want to kill your mood as well as others over food on a festival day, so we've got you. One is required to prepare for Holi almost 2-3 days or a week before Holi and continue till after Holi, but it is a price that is worth paying. 

How to Stay Fit During Holi 

There are some things that you can do on Holi in order to stay healthy, from opting to make healthier supplements of favorite Holi dishes to maintaining the right diet. Without any further ado, let's ponder upon the dishes that one can take for the day of the festival. 


You can choose a light breakfast on the day of Holi, such as curd, flat rice, or curd. This would assist in keeping your stomach full even after a long time of you having breakfast and is light so that it can be digested easily. 

Keep Yourself Hydrated

People tend to forget to stay hydrated on Holi, even though there is so much water around them. Make sure that you are drinking more water on Holi to keep yourself hydrated. In addition to this, drinking enough water will make you feel satiated, and you won't find those cold drinks and sharbat appealing. 

Squeeze in a Workout 

You can incorporate short and intense home workouts, as you will surely miss your gym schedule. Add some planks, push-ups, jumping jacks, and crunches are great exercises that you can perform at your home. 


Moderate Yourself

Holi is the festival when you are most exposed to thandai, and by thandai, we mean the one mixed with bhaang. An overdose of such a drink can lead to dangerous effects; it is better to moderate yourself and let yourself go with the flow. 

Keep Away from the Food 

The more food you see, the more you are likely to eat. Eating on holiday without a workout will definitely lead to consuming more calories than you would normally do. Moreover, consider the colors you'll have on your hands and fingers that will be slipped down your tongue to your body. 

Eat Food Rich in Fiber, Complex Carbohydrates, and Protein

On the day of Holi, you should try avoiding rich and oily foods as they will only irritate your digestive system. This is the time when you are required to eat a balanced diet in order to maintain your energy and avoid sugar so that the intake of sugar is balanced during Holi. 

You can try adding the Muscle Trail protein to your diet to maintain a diet rich in protein. 

Summing Up 

Well, Holi is a festival where we celebrate the vibrancy of life. This is the major reason why we need to take care of our own health in order to have a happy and vibrant life. A bit of relaxation can be the optimum diet for your Holi plan. Muscle Trail wishes you a very colorful, healthy, and happy Holi. 


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