Pre-Workout Supplement- A Complete Guide

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Pre-Workout Supplement- A Complete Guide


By Team Muscletrail
17 April, 2023

Ever noticed that jacked guy in the corner entering the gym, and the first thing he does is add a scoop of a secret supplement to his shaker and wait for some time? Well, that secret supplement is nothing but a pre-workout supplement. As the name suggests, this supplement is consumed before a workout. But why do people take it? What exactly is a pre-workout supplement, and what benefits does it have on your workout? Well, we’ll discuss all of that in this blog. 

What is a Pre-Workout Supplement 

Starting with what exactly a pre-workout is, a supplement that is comprised of all the ingredients that you would require in order to make your intense workout sessions more effective. This supplement is available in the market in both pills and powder forms, but most people prefer the powdered form as it is readily absorbed by the body. 

Preworkout supplements are capable of providing your body with the ingredients that you need in order to enhance your performance during heavy workout sessions. These ingredients tend to provide more strength and endurance to your body so that you can lift heavier without losing efficiency. 

People consume pre-workout supplements in order to prepare themselves for a tough exercise session or to stay focused during the workout so that they are able to facilitate a better muscle-mind connection. As these supplements are capable of boosting energy and mental focus, it makes them the perfect choice to be consumed before your sets. 

How Does a Pre-Workout Supplement Works

In case you think that consuming this supplement will make you stronger or bigger, then you are wrong or misguided. The major role of a pre-workout supplement is to improve your focus and provide you with the strength to carry out your workout sessions. The strength acquired will help you lift heavier and perform more repetitions than before, ultimately adding to your intensity and results. 

You will reach your strength-gaining goals by training hard, and a pre-workout supplement will be your companion. 

As for the ingredients that are comprised in a pre-workout supplement, they are:

Caffeine - Caffeine has the tendency to sharpen your focus, increase alertness, and improve tolerance for pain. This leads to athletes being able to execute longer-duration workouts. 

Beta-Alanine - The major role of Beta-Alanine in a pre-workout supplement is to help you bear with the burning feeling that you get when you bust out the muscle so that you are able to go through a few more repetitions. 

Nitric Oxide Boosters - Ever wondered why pre-workout supplements are able to give out a massive pump after a workout? Well, this is due to the presence of Nitric Oxide boosters in the supplement. Some of the most common Nitric Oxide boosters are, L-Citrulline and L-Arginine. 

As for the other ingredients that are present in a pre-workout supplement, they are Yohimbine, L-tyrosine, Huperzine-A, L-theanine, Beetroot Extract, Betaine, and Nitrosigine. 


When Should You Take a Pre-Workout Supplement, and for How Long Does it Last?

The best time to consume a pre-workout supplement is approximately 15 minutes before exercise. 

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What is Dry Scooping in Terms of Pre-Workout

Dry scooping is where gym-goers just put a scoop full of pre-workout in their mouth. Well, you should not be among the ones doing it as there are several reasons why you should not do it. The first thing is it can go down your windpipe, and you may face trouble breathing. Secondly, there will be a rapid absorption of ingredients such as caffeine in your mouth. 

Is it Safe to Consume a Pre-Workout Supplement?

Yes, the consumption of a pre-workout is completely safe, provided that you are taking it in the right quantity and you have purchased your supplement from a reputed company. However, there are short-term effects of using a pre-workout supplement, such as lack of sleep.

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