Mass Gainers: How do They Work? Are They Really Helpful

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How Does a Mass Gainer Work, and Why Do You Need It?


By Team Muscletrail
23 March, 2023

Mass gainers are quite popular in the fitness industry and are widely consumed by people in a quest to gain muscle mass. They are basically a ray of hope to someone who is looking forward to transforming their physique from thin and skinny to muscular. Some people often confuse mass gainers with whey protein, but they are definitely not the same. 

Mass gainers are supplements that are a blend of protein, carbohydrates, and fats that can help an individual gain weight, specifically if one is trying to bulk up. They certainly can be a good source of extra calories and protein if you are struggling to build muscles during periods of intense training. 

The mass gainer supplement serves as an alternative to a balanced diet that is loaded with carbs, protein, fats, and essential vitamins. 

Working of a Mass Gainer 

A mass gainer supplement can be considered effective for those who find it really hard to put on some serious muscle mass but are not able to eat enough calories and maintain a healthy diet. It can be considered one of the best supplements for true hard gainers who don’t gain weight, irrespective of how much they eat. 

Mass gainers are formulated in such a way that they are capable of providing your body with added calories along with calculated macros that are blended easily in a shake. The nutrients in the mass gainers are what bring a major difference in your size, strength, and stamina. 

The high carb amount in the mass gainer supplement is what is necessary in order to boost the overall calorie intake. A single serving of a mass gainer can provide anywhere between 350 calories to around 1200 calories. Along with this, the amount of protein can also vary from 15 grams to 65 grams. 

The high amount of calories that one can get from a mass gainer will help a person bulk up significantly. As for how you can consume a muscle mass gainer, you can blend it with water or milk and can take it as per your calorie requirements. 


Benefits of Consuming a Mass Gainer Supplement

Rich in Carbs and Whey Protein 

Mass gainers are equipped with a rich amount of carbohydrates, and these carbohydrates are the major source of energy for your muscles that are incredibly helpful for an intense workout session. Additionally, a good-quality natural mass gainer would be loaded with high-quality whey protein, which serves as an amazing supplement for bodybuilding. The blend of these macros will help you build a better physique by gaining some significant muscle mass.

However, you must ensure that the dynamic mass gainer you are purchasing doesn’t have sugar in high quantities, as it is not good for your body. Make sure to check the ingredients before purchasing any product. You are paying for the nutrients in the box, not the sugar content that will not add up to your progress in any form. 

Helpful in Optimum Muscle Recovery and Growth 

Mass gainers are significantly helpful in facilitating muscle recovery and growth. They can lead you to achieve the desired results that demand a good muscle recovery process in order to stay focused and regular with your workout. When you have an adequate amount of protein in your diet, it can be assured that your muscles are recovering and growing at the best rate. 

The general ratio of carbs and protein in a mass gainer is 1:3. You can get the perfect dose of whey protein and carbohydrates to ensure that you are making the best out of your workout. 

A blend of Essential Minerals and Vitamins

Mass gainers are capable of keeping you fit and healthy as they are made up of different minerals and vitamins that are considered essential nourishment sources for your body in order to stay healthy and fit. What adds more to the value of mass gainers is the fact that they are loaded with fiber, which keeps you away from feeling bloated while improving your digestion. Hence, facilitating a great way to achieve overall health and fitness. 

The best mass gainer would be the one that comes with added digestive enzymes, as it will significantly reduce the common side effects of a mass gainer, such as bloating, and will ensure that your body is getting a perfect dose of complex carbohydrates. 

Summing Up

If you are looking forward to getting your hands on the best quality weight gainer or mass gainer, then you must visit the official website of Muscle Trail. The brand is well-known for offering a range of the best-quality bodybuilding supplements that are aimed at bringing the maximum results out of your bodybuilding routine. 


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